RC Aircraft

My complete build history with photos and commentary - 215 planes

Painting Foamies
RC Equipment Operating Manuals
Covering foam with paper
My Modeling Memories
Stuff - Where I get equipment and supplies
Hot Glue - Use hot-melt glue to build foamies
Tape Hinges - A How To on attaching control surfaces with tape
Single Ailerons - Why and how I use them
Electric vs Glow - 18 reasons why electric is better
FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Foamflyer
Build more planes with Time Management
Organize your Workshop and Keep it Clean
Make plastic canopies from soda bottles
Get started with electric planes
Have fun on a Budget
Make strong lightweight pushrods
Make your own landing gear
Make your own foam RC Plane (original of EPS foam, brushed Speed 400, NiMH)
So Series Build Log (latest of foamboard, brushless, Lipo)

CG Calculator
Amp Draw Calculator (Excel)
Canard Center of Gravity Calculator
Servo Torque Calculator

My Latest Project: So.51

RCUniverse thread on my designs
by critterhunter
RCGroups thread on my designs

Flying Model Simulation of my So design by GaryG

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