Foamflyer's Project History


Here's my complete RC build history, starting in 1977.
The border color of each photo in the list indicates how the plane was powered:

Slope Glider

I number my planes in the order in which they're flown, not built. Some planes have taken a few hours to build, others a few years.

I've built and owned more planes that do not appear on my list, they either were built by me and never flown, or purchased. For example:

Scaled Composites White Knight and Space Ship One,
built in 2005, never flown
Sig 4-Star 60, built by a fellow club member A modified Trainer 40, designated "J4" as the fourth plane
in the club's Joker's Wild Air Show Team. My callsign was "Hammer"
A scratch-built plane built by a fellow club member. He named
it "Feather Merchant", my daughter named it "The Fish".
Heli-Max 1SQ V-Cam quadcopter, radio-controlled
on 2.4 gHz.
An Ace GLH2 in 2003.
A foamboard delta built by my son in 2011 with my guidance. A foamboard delta built by my other son in 2015 with my guidance.

I also maintain an Excel spreadsheet that records details and measurements of all my planes.

The List:

Planes 1 to 50
Planes 51 to 100
Planes 101 to 150
Planes 151 to 200
Planes 201 to 250