Planes 201 to 250: Foamflyer's Project History
201 Blue Sky Research Nov-2012

Made from DollarTree foamboard, this plane has a 60.3" wingspan and is powered by the Super Flying Model 2200-9-3500 brushless motor with 1028 fan unit. Control is by throttle, elevator, and single aileron. Battery is under the canopy hatch. Weight 27.1 ounces, wing loading 7.2 oz per sq ft. EDF unit produces 190 watts at 17 amps on 3S. 9% Clark-Y airfoil. A good flying plane.

202 Polska Dec-2012

Built from DollarTree foamboard and painted with craft paint (except the silver on the canopy was enamel). Wingspan 36.2", weight 18.0 oz. Powered by an Emax CF2812 spinning a 7x4 prop on 3S. The cowl was a plastic food container. The Polish insignia are Avery labels printed with a laser printer.

203 Biplano Quinto Dec-2012

My fifth biplane, made from DollarTree foamboard, painted for the Spanish Civil War. Wingspan 30", weight 22.1 oz. Powered by an Emax CF2812 spinning a GWS 9x5 prop on 3S. Flies quite well, has one aileron. The top wing is permanent, the bottom wing rubberbands to the fuselage. The dummy engine was made from foamboard and toothpicks, and the pilot was carved from foamboard.

204 Hunchback Dec-2012

Another DollarTree foamboard creation with a wingspan of 34.2" and weight of 24.3 oz. Powered by a TowerPro 2409-12delta swinging a 7x4 prop on 3S. Features a single aileron and bolt-on wing. This was the last plane of 2012.

205 So.47 Dec-2013

Made from EPS foam, 132" (11 feet) wingspan and 7-ft length. Detachable wing panels and fins, tandem (bicycle-style) landing gear with wingtip outriggers. Powered by a Tacon Bigfoot 46 swinging a 13x8 prop on a 5S5000 battery, over 1100 watts (I'm now in the "Kilowatt Club"). 8-lbs flying weight, wing loading 8.6 oz/ft2, cubic loading 2.22. This was the only plane built and flown in 2013.

206 Scout May-2014

A scratch-built "Zagi" (Zagnutz) style wing made from EPS foam, foamboard, and colored tape. Pushed by a PowerUp Sport 400, GWS 9x5 prop, and 3S1000. Wingspan 48.3", weight 17.8 oz, wing loading 6.1 oz/sq ft, cubic loading 3.6. An excellent flyer.

207 Eighty Eight Jun-2014

A foamboard plane with a KFm3 airfoil. Features "floats" designed for dirt. Wingspan 30 inches, weight 17.4 ounces. Powered by an Emax CF2812 spinning a GWS 9x5 prop on 3S. The pilot of this plane jumped out of "Biplano Quinto" to fly this one. Flies good!

208 Joey Jul-2014

A plane built from foamboard, wingspan 30 inches, weight 19.4 ounces. Powered by an Emax CF2812 spinning a GWS 9x5 prop on 3S. The canopy was a Perrier bottle.

209 So.48 Dec-2015

Built from foamboard with a 30-inch wingspan and KFm3 airfoil. Powered by a Powerup 400 Zoom swinging an EMP 6x3 prop on 3S (17.7 Amps and 189 watts). Overall weight 16.0 ounces. Controls are throttle and tailerons.

210 Foamboard Delta 5 Jan-2016

Built from foamboard with a 20-inch wingspan. Powered by an 1811 2000-kv motor with a 5x3 prop on 2S. Overall weight 4.8 ounces. Flies very well. Motor and prop draws 2.4 Amps, 19 watts.

211 Dart Jan-2016

Built from foamboard with a 20-inch wingspan and length of 50 inches. Powered by a Powerup 400 Zoom swinging an APC 7x5 prop on 3S (26 Amps and 260 watts). Overall weight 15.2 ounces. Controls are elevons. It's a handful to fly, and maximum roll rate makes it appear the plane might disintegrate.

212 FBD6 Jul-2016

Built in a few hours from foamboard with a 20-inch wingspan and length of 30 inches, this plane is a variant of the typical foamboard delta. Powered by a Powerup 400 Zoom swinging an APC 7x5 prop on 3S. Overall weight 13 ounces (318 watts per pound!). Controls are elevons. Flies fast.

213 So.49 Jul-2016

Constructed mostly of EPS foam with some foamboard for the stabilizer and fins. Powerup 400 Zoom, swept wings, 17.5 ounces.

214 So.50 Aug-2016

All EPS foam except a coroplast elevator. Wingspan 48 inches, weight 61.1 ounces. Tacon 25 swinging a 12x8 prop on 4S. Due to the higher power and heavier weight I used standard-size servos in this one (elevator and single aileron). A great-flying stable scale-up of the famous So series.

215 So.51 Aug-2016

EPS foam with foamboard tail booms and tail surfaces. Wingspan 39.5 inches, weight 17.4 ounces. Powerup 400 zoom with a 7x5 prop on 3S1000. Single aileron of course. Will cruise around nicely at 1/3 throttle. Straight up climb at full throttle will make it go out of sight quickly. Flies pretty good as all So planes do as long as they're built straight, strong, and light. This is the first plane I used my FrSky Taranis radio system with, using a D4R-II receiver.

216 NB-52A and X-15 Oct-2016

Made from EPS foam and foam board, covered with film. Wingspan 52 inches, weight 29.7 ounces. Features a foam X-15 rocket plane that releases by servo. PowerUp 400 Zoom on the back producing 260 watts.

217 So.52 Jun-2017

Constructed from foam board with a PowerUp 400 Zoom. Wingspan 30 inches, length 52 inches.

218 War Sparrow Jun-2017

Under construction for a long time and finally finished, made from foam board with a PowerUp 400 sport. Wingspan 30 inches, weight 20.1 ounces. Throttle, elevator, single aileron, and nose gear steering (but no rudder). Excellent flyer.